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By far the lowest population in Niagara is in the municipality of Wainfleet. It’s approximately 6400 residents is less than half that of West Lincoln, the second least populated Niagara municipality.

So what does Wainfleet offer then? Farmland, for one, and lots of it. If you are looking for some acreage to grow crops or raise livestock, chances are Wainfleet will provide you that opportunity.

Along the coast of Lake Erie, there is significant a lakefront. With events such as the Marshland Heritage Festival, and a dedicated and active citizenry, you will also have opportunities to meet your neighbours and revel in the peaceful lifestyle Wainfleet embraces.

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Population as of 2011

Number of Residential Sales

Year 2015 – 406 sales

Year 2016 – 474 sales

Average Sale Price

Year 2015 – $220,328

Year 2016 – $264,404

Average Days on Market

Year 2015 – 65 days

Year 2016 – 52 days

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