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What We Do

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Buy Your Niagara Home

Whether you have made the decision to purchase a home, or just exploring your options, we are here to help.

Together with our knowledge and experience we can help you purchase your first home (super exciting), or provide professional services you have come to expect with a situational move (also exciting).

We have numerous resources available, from a free FIRST TIME BUYERS GUIDE, to a BUYERS’ CHECKLIST, plus the best way to keep you on top of the market with BE 1st TO KNOW updates of homes specifically aimed at you and your unique search criteria.

To get started, though, we recommend sitting down with us and discussing your wants, needs, budget and timeline. This means a face-to-face meeting with someone on our team: Stan, Randy, Bill or Ron. We will go over the steps ahead, review your goals, and set a course for success.

If you wish to explore the Niagara Region, you should head over to our “About Niagara” page, and find some information on the different municipalities that combined make up Niagara.

If you want, head straight to view our current listings.

Arrange for a meeting, or contact us with questions or comments.

We look forward to assisting you.

Sell Your Niagara Home

For many people, selling their home is a stressful time. With a proven and focused marketing strategy, accurate pricing, and an inviting presentation, our team works hard to make this a positive and stress-free process.

Whatever your time frame, it is always helpful to have one of us, Stan, Randy, Bill or Ron, visit your home, and discuss an overall strategy. In this meeting we discuss key items that affect the selling strategy directly, such as:

  • Is your home well maintained or are there things that need fixing or updating before your house is listed?
  • Is there a time of year when your property will have optimum appeal to potential buyers?
  • Are your home value expectations or estimated selling price in line with the current market values?

These are but a few of the points to consider before forging ahead. It is incredible how many times we see properties ill-prepared to be for sale, and often they end up unsold, or spend a virtual eternity on the market. Our combined 50+ years of experience is vital here. We have intimate and accurate knowledge of the housing market in Niagara. Before making the decision to “sign on the dotted line”, contact us and arrange one of our team members to visit with you and share our expertise.

We also have a number of tools and services to assist you:

Helpful and handy SELLERS’ CHECKLIST

Interested in a free book?  We can send you one detailing tips on SELLING YOUR HOME.

In order to have your property presented at its absolute best, we utilize the skills of a Home Stager.  Lisa McIntee is a professional, trained at her craft, and an industry leader.

To learn more about Lisa and her company, visit her FACEBOOK PAGE.

In order to present your home in the best possible way, we employ a professional photographer. He takes all the photos, and also creates a “Virtual Tour”, which acts as a 24 hour open house online. The virtual tour website is MY VISUAL LISTINGS

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you!

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Manage Your Niagara Home

For a growing number of people, the idea of owning investment property is inviting. However, for many, the idea of being a landlord, is not appealing. A concern we repeatedly hear from new and experienced property management clients, is having to interact with tenants and worry about the day to day challenges that arise. To some, it just isn’t worth the payback. Enter the Your Niagara Home team!

We manage a large number of residential properties for clients. What might surprise you is that a good number of these Property Management clients are not our real estate clients. That’s right – it doesn’t matter whether you used our services to purchase the property or not.

The goal is to take all the stress off of your minds, and simply allow you to enjoy owning income properties. We offer different levels of involvement, at different monthly fees. Many of the larger property management companies in Niagara concentrate on large apartment buildings, or condominium sites. They can’t be bothered handling individual properties for individual owners. We see this as a great way to add value to our team, serve our clients, and interact with more people. Everybody wins!

CONTACT US now, and we will be happy to meet with you and discuss your needs, and how we at Your Niagara Home can assist you.

Invest Your Niagara Home

Many people see real estate as an attractive investment opportunity. Some will speculate on land, and hope that over time, the value will increase significantly. Others will invest in commercial ventures, such as a strip mall or office building. The most common and accessible real estate investment is a residential home, or a multi-family home.

In Niagara, the vacancy rate for residential rental properties is very low. If you advertise that you have a home for rent, you will often get a flurry of potential tenants replying with urgency. This is true for detached, semi-detached, townhouses, duplexes, triplexes, apartment buildings and student residences alike.

The Your Niagara Home team has in-depth knowledge of the investment property market in Niagara. The first step is to meet and discuss what type of investment you are hoping to make. You may be looking to own a single rental property, or add to an existing portfolio. No matter which direction you are aiming for, allow us to assist you in finding the right property, in the right neighbourhood.

Of course, if you are buying investment property, you may also be interested in our PROPERTY MANAGEMENT services.

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