Niagara: 12 Unique Municipalities

Niagara is one region, made up of 12 unique municipalities. Each offers its own advantages and pace of life, but they all enjoy the many benefits of being in this grand region of ours. Feel free to explore these municipalities here, online. Then give us a call, and let’s work to find you, “Your Niagara Home.”

Fort Erie

For many, their first steps into Canada are in Fort Erie. The Peace Bridge links this lovely city to Buffalo, New York across the majestic Niagara River.


Boasting its position as the “Gateway of Niagara”, the town of Grimsby is deserving of the title. Rounding the corner from the GTA along the QEW, Grimsby puts the golden in the Golden Horseshoe.


The Town of Lincoln has a certain feel to it – a throwback to days gone by. The villages of Beamsville, Vineland and Jordan each have a certain quaintness, as if life is lived at a bit more leisurely pace there.

Niagara Falls

Known around the world as a tourist destination, Niagara Falls is so much more than just the thundering roar and cloud of mist that accompanies the famous waterfall.


Honoured in 1996 as “the prettiest town in Canada”, once you have been to Niagara-on-the-Lake, you will know why. This place will take your heart hostage, and not want to release it.


The Town of Pelham, is composed of five unique and historic villages: Effingham, Fenwick, Fonthill, North Pelham and Ridgeville. Pelham is situated in the heart of the Niagara Region, nestled between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

Port Colborne

Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Port Colborne is a working marine community, with rich nautical history and welcoming hospitality. Port Colborne is an attractive and affordable community to live in.

St. Catharines

The heart of the Niagara Region, St. Catharines is also Niagara’s largest city. Known as Ontario’s “Garden City”, St.Catharines boasts many lush parklands and green spaces. The city is the northernmost entry to the Welland Canal and has many interesting historical sites to explore and enjoy.


Often lumped in as the younger sibling of St. Catharines, Thorold has a pride and character all its own. For example, for several years now, the town rallies to have more Canadian flags displayed per capita on Canada Day than any other town in Canada, earning the title as the country’s “Most Patriotic City”.


By far the lowest population in Niagara is in the municipality of Wainfleet. It’s approximately 6400 residents is less than half that of West Lincoln, the second least populated Niagara municipality.


The City of Welland is a truly historic canal city situated in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula. Known officially as the Rose City, Welland is home to over 350 acres of fine parks and has one of the finest rose gardens in Canada.

West Lincoln

The Township of West Lincoln is an agriculture-based community, consisting of many small villages spread over nearly 400 square kilometers. Like many rural communities, West Lincoln is best discovered by a drive along its scenic back roads, through sprawling farmland and meandering rivers.