1.2M in West Lincoln
The other day I saw that a fellow Realtor(R) from the Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington (RAHB) posted on their Instagram account a list of statistics for December, 2021. It showed, among other things, an average sale price […]
Beamers Falls Lookout
REDISCOVERING NIAGARA – BEAMERS FALLS CONSERVATION AREA As October turns to November, the weather turns from warm to cold, and the leaves change fromgreen to red, yellow and orange, there is no better time to visit the Beamer […]
Rediscovering Niagara Charles Daley Park Charles Daley Park is easy to spot as you drive down Jordan’s North Service Road. However, itappears that some newcomers are unaware of it, and some Niagara veterans may overlook itwhen asked about […]
The Bookworm Tour Welcome to “Rediscovering Niagara”! This is a new series here on the Your Niagara Home blogthat takes a look at attractions in the Niagara, whether they be well-known or obscure.For my debut post, I chose […]
This year, our team’s theme is #YNHLoveYourNeighbour, and we aim to “share the love” with those around us. A big key to this is maintaining an “Attitude of Gratitude”. All of us in Niagara have much to be […]
How to Spruce Up Your Spring Garden With the sunny, warm weather slowly making its way to the Niagara Region, it’s time to get your garden looking its best. As soon as the nice weather hits, you’re going […]
Get One Give One Tulip Promotion! In the last month, we’ve really wanted to push the idea of loving your neighbour. Through giveaways, blog posts, and social media posts, we have shared ways for you to show love […]
COVID-Safe Activities to do in the Niagara Region this Winter!  If you’ve been cooped up in your house for a while, I’d say it’s about time to get out of the house and do some “stay-cation” activities around […]
10 Ways to Love Your Neighbour in a Pandemic With the pandemic restrictions still in effect, it can be hard to build a strong relationship with your neighbour. However, there are still COVID-safe ways to love your neighbour […]
Enjoy browsing this list of awesome campgrounds in & around the Niagara Region. Who else is ready for long summer nights!!  Bring on summer.   Bissell’s Hideaway Resort 205 Metler Road, Ridgeville Camping: Tent, trailer or motorhome, and cabins. […]