Rediscovering Niagara

Charles Daley Park

Charles Daley Park is easy to spot as you drive down Jordan’s North Service Road. However, it
appears that some newcomers are unaware of it, and some Niagara veterans may overlook it
when asked about local parks to visit. Actually, Charles Daley is a fantastic destination for a
variety of activities throughout the year.

The first great feature of Charles Daley Park that will, no doubt, get people interested is this: free
parking. And, on a normal day there’s plenty of space to park. There is parking available closer
to the beach, but there is a time limit on how long your vehicle can remain there.

Upon arriving at the park, you’re greeted with a stunning view of Lake Ontario. On a clear day,
one can see the Toronto skyline, especially the CN Tower and the SkyDome. If you’ve come to
simply walk around and explore the park, there are walking paths and boardwalks throughout the
park that will take you along the lake’s shore, behind the beach (where you can find a secret nook
and a pond that’s ripe for fishing) and the marsh to the right of the parking lot.

Of course, when a park is located at the shores of a lake, swimming is bound to be a popular
activity. There are two spacious, sandy beaches to the left and right of the park. Before you dive
in, however, visit the Niagara Region website to make sure the waters of Charles Daley Park
have been properly inspected. Also, be aware that there are no lifeguards on duty at Charles
Daley, so keep an eye on your kids and swim at your own risk.

Though it’s been put on hold during the ongoing pandemic, Charles Daley Park is also the home
of the Sunset Music Series, a free series of summer concerts featuring local musical acts held
every Tuesday evening at the park’s distinct band shell. The Rotary Club of Lincoln established
the events in 2010 in conjunction with the Town of Lincoln and local sponsors. In 2019, the
concerts attracted, on average, about 1,000 attendees of all ages each week. Hopefully, the
Sunset Concert Series will make a big comeback in the summer of 2022.

Charles Daley Park is also known for its annual, lavish (and free!) Canada Day celebrations
featuring live music, family attractions and, of course, fireworks!

Even once summer has come and gone, Charles Daley Park remains a beautiful place to visit. It’s
a testament to the timeless beauty of creation. Also, it’s a hot spot for tobogganing once the snow
has rolled in. So whether you’re a lifetime resident of the region, or simply passing through,
Charles Daley Park might be worth a visit.

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