Hello Adventurers, and welcome to March! Thank you for a spectacular second month of the
Your Niagara Home Adventure Tour!

Over the course of the month of February, 14 new teams began the Tour, which means there are
now just over 40 teams participating and adventuring throughout Niagara. At the start of the
month, with winter still in full swing, we saw many of you paying visits to Charles Daley Park
and Pillar & Post to enjoy some tobogganing and skating, but as the snow melted and the
weather ever so slowly began to get warmer, some of you decided to venture beyond snow-
covered hills and ice rinks. Some of you visited Queen’s Royal Park in Niagara-on-the Lake,
Lakeside Park in Port Dalhousie, and even the Niagara Parkway in Niagara Falls. Be sure to
check out our latest highlight reel featuring photos and videos from February here. With spring
officially kicking off this month (hopefully the weather gets the memo), and more destinations
opening or becoming more accessible, we’re excited to see everyone explore more of the
Niagara region.

Last week, we held our monthly draw, which you can watch on our Facebook page. The
February winner of the $100 DeVries Fruit Farms gift card was… Team D-Bomb!
Congratulations! For the month of March, we’re excited to reveal that one lucky team will be
winning a $100 gift card to The Watering Can Flower Market!

Remember that it’s never too late to join the Adventure Tour if you haven’t already. As
long as 12 of the 14 destinations are visited and you properly submit your entries, you can still
claim your choice of reward at the end of the year: a day pass to Safari Niagara or dinner for you
and your family at Swiss Chalet. Both rewards will come with a $50 gift card to Book Outlet in
St. Catharines. Also, to qualify for our monthly draw, a team must submit at least one entry
before the month is over.

Have a fantastic March!

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